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WordPress Business Website Plans

She Imagined Sweets

We did a lot of cool things for this project. We actually cut our teeth with big illustrations with Zuirrae's site. We animated her logo, created cartoons of all her products, cartoons of her clients and the types of venues she supports. We built her a mobile app, themed logos for every holiday and more. Visit her!

Tribeca Performing Arts Center (Downton NYC)

If you are from around the Greater NYC area you know about The Tribeca Performing Arts Center where the yearly film festival is held. We created a custom site with loads of custom functions, features and different ways to display their various shows. Visit them!

Roaring Brook (Art Publishing/Licensing)

We had a lot of fun (and still do) working on this project.  Roaring Brook is a commercial art licensing/publishing firm.  We rebuilt their existing WordPress site from scratch and enhanced their workflow with a lot of automation.  We also built them a custom PHP application to provide them with automated inventory for their thousands of images for all the artist they represent.  We continually add on more functionality to their two applications as their business dictates. Visit them!

The Advances Initiative

New Advances in Headache Diagnosis and Treatment

Catalyst Immuno Oncology

Catalyst Rheumatoid Arthritis

Catalyst Sarcoma

Empower Breast

Gerry Shamey

Redfield, Blonsky & Starinsky, LLC

RBS is a Westfield NJ based investment management and accounting firm that was founded in 1958. This was a redesign we completed for them.  The original site was two decades old. Visit them!

Hypoglycemic Thrive

Oncology & Hematology

We revitalized this site for a wonderful team of oncologists and clinicians located in Morristown NJ and Mountain Lakes NJ.  We provided them with a calming and informative experience using subtle colors and animations. Visit them!


Infiniqo Inspiring Possibilities

Atopic Dermatitis Thrive

Innovate Custom Audio/Video

S & J Electrical Contractors