WPGuard is Divigner’s “Cyber Maintenance Services for WordPress” websites.
Here are the 8 steps to peace of mind:

  1. Scheduled Backups: The very first thing we do after getting access to your site is a complete backup.  We continue making backups weekly in the AMZ cloud.
  2. Staging Site: We create a live copy of your site called a staging area.  This staging area is where we safely perform minor and major updates and testing to ensure important updates do not break your site when it goes live
  3. WordPress Updates: We update your WordPress core, themes and plugins whenever new updates are available, which we monitor remotely.
  4. Security Scan: We run an initial security scan of your site that will reveal your vulnerabilities and then fix whatever we find
  5. WordPress Hardening: We protect your WordPress installation by sealing off easy access points for hackers at the client (website), server and database level.  This process is called “Hardening”.
  6. Site Speed: We optimize your site performance for speed according to Google’s standards.
  7. Hacked Site Recovery: God forbid you get hacked even after all of this, we will quickly clean, repair and restore your site to it’s original condition with very little down time.
  8. Monthly Reports: Each month you will get a monthly report on the activities we are executing on your site to ensure all is well.